Buddha Images For Sale

buddha image for sale

The Buddha images represent peace, happiness, good luck, prosperity, compassion, satisfaction and truth. These images can play an important role for anyone’s life as these images tend to inspire them to find the inner and hidden meaning of one's life. These images have been revered by both the followers of Buddhism and the non-followers alike for they not only represent Buddha in his physical form, but also represent the teachings and principles of Buddhism within then. These principles are portrayed by different parts and traits of the Buddha's body like the Ushnisha, the eyes of the Buddha, the third eye and the Mudras of the Buddha images to name a few. Likewise, major Buddhist principles like the Noble Eightfold path and Four Noble truths are also seen depicted in various images of the Buddha alongside the traits like balance, compassion, patience, happiness, serenity and truth.

In the meantime, these images of the Buddha are also taken as a keen object by many historians as these artifacts have their own story, the older they are more interesting they are for them. Therefore, many historians and museums are always in search of rare and antique Buddha images to showcase them and find out the historical evidence about ancient community which carved and crafted the images. Even the artifacts and antiques collectors revere the Buddha images as one of the gems in their collection due to the history carried by the antique Buddha images. These Buddha images are also taken as an object of high regard by many meditation enthusiasts and meditation community as they take the Buddha as a symbol of inspiration to practice meditation.

So, where can you find these special Buddha images for sale? Older the images, more special they are.

Collection of Buddha images

There are plenty of Buddhist galleries with many varieties of Buddha images for sale all over the world. These rare artifacts are few of the most sought after artifacts for their serene and peaceful nature and the ambience of compassion they offer in their surroundings. These galleries are undoubtedly have many Buddha images for sale from various regions of origins claiming to boast a large collection of such artifacts.

Our Buddha images gallery in the Netherlands is proud to be the largest collector of antique and rare images of Buddha and keep these Buddha images for sale as we collect these special images with a special care towards their history, styles and region of origins. It has been possible to create such a huge collection of these images after visiting many Asian countries like Burma, Thailand, Japan, Nepal, India, Vietnam, etc to search for the rare and old statues from many Buddhist art dealers, crafters, Buddhist temples, monasteries and personal collectors who are willing to part with their Buddha images and help us put up these Buddha images for sale for our valued customers. Not only Buddha images, the gallery also boasts a huge collections of other Buddhist artifacts like Laughing Buddha statues, Buddha head statues, Burmese nats, monk statues, miniature temples and shrines.

The Buddha images gallery does not have any policy of dealing with the stolen Buddha statues as we think that the theft of such images undermines the history and the story each Buddha image carry with them. That is why you should be more than assured regarding the authenticity as the Buddha images on sale in our gallery are special, rare and original antique Buddha images from Burma and other Southeast Asian nations. If you are looking for a Buddha image for you or your loved ones, feel free to visit our online Buddha images gallery.

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