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Burma has been a predominantly Buddhist nation for the most part of its history. Being the most religious Buddhist country world in terms of monks in the population and the proportion of income spent on religion, the followers and the citizens consist of dominant ethnic Burmans, Araknese, Mon Karen and Chinese who are well integrated into the Burmese community for ages. These indulgences of the Burmese people in Buddhism have not only been limited to religious activities but also in many artistic creations while staying close to the Buddhist principles. These artistic expressions of the Buddhist principles can be seen in many artifacts the craftsmanship of Buddhist monasteries, Buddha images, paintings and many scriptures. Buddha images from Burma, or Myanmar, as it is currently known, are one of the most popular artifacts coming out from the Southeast Asian nation. This is also because of the seclusion of the country from the outside world during its military regime lasting little over half of a century.

The Burmese Buddha images and other artifacts are one of the rarest and purest Buddha images anyone can find in the globe as these artifacts have been rarely explored by the outside world. This is the main reasons, the Myanmar Buddha images have been one of the most sought after Buddha images in the world. The beautiful blend of the Indian style with the indigenous style have given these Buddha images a perfectly unique features depending upon the regions and eras in which these images are crafted in Myanmar. The Burmese Buddha images are crafted not only to represent the Buddha in his physical and human appearance but these images are so crafted that each of the body part of the Buddha carry a different meaning based on the teachings of the Buddha.

History of Burmese Buddha images

Burma, being a neighbor of India, was strongly influenced by the Gupta Empire of India which prospered and spread the teachings of the Buddha under the patron of Emperor Ashoka which is even before the schism between Mahayana and Theravada Buddhism. The Buddha images from the Mon era was very much inspired by the art of Gupta and post Gupta-periods. Their style was widely spread in the ancient Southeast Asia due to the expansion of the Mon empire between the 5th and the 8th centuries AD. Later thousands of Buddhist temples and monasteries were constructed between the 11th and 13th centuries. 2000 of them are still standing in the area housing many priceless and rare Myanmar Buddha images.

The crafting and development of Buddha images continued in spite of the Mongol invasion in Burma. The 14th-16th centuries in the history of Burma saw the emergence of the Ava style Buddha images, also known as the Innwa style Buddha image which were usually portrayed in Bhumisparsha mudra. The end of 18th century saw the introduction of a new style of Buddha images, the Mandalay style which is still a popular style of crafting Buddha images to this day. Shan style Buddha images are another popular style of Buddha images from Burma which originated from the highlands of Burma and were introduced by the Shan people. These Burmese Buddha images have also been a source of inspiration for Buddha images from other regions such as Thai Buddha images.

Burmese Buddha images for sale

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