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Buddha images are known all over the world for their serene and peaceful looks. These representations of the Buddha do not only symbolize the Buddha in his physical form but also represent his teachings and the principles of Buddhism. This is the reason why the Buddha images are revered all over the world by many people, Buddhists and non-Buddhists alike. Though Buddhism has had its stronghold in the Asian countries for centuries, the religion, which is based on the principles and teachings of the Buddha, is gradually making its mark on the lives of people from the western world too. Therefore, the fact that the people in the western world buy Buddha images by knowing these facts and beliefs, which have been in demand recently.

Buddha images are such artifacts which have their own unique charms and beliefs behind them. Their religious and spiritual importance for the followers of Buddhism is second to none. Though the Buddhist people do not believe in idol worshiping, the Buddha images are used by them so as to pay respect and homage to the Buddha, the one who got awakened and enlightened. Similarly, the Buddha images are also taken as the objects of inspiration for many people who practice meditation. It is also believed that buying a Buddha images for meditating purpose is also a inspirational activities as meditating in front of a Buddha image will help you get closer while travelling on the path of getting enlightenment as the Buddha himself got awakened by practicing meditation. Thus, the images of Buddha are taken as the symbol of compassion, peace and happiness. Not only as the object of great spiritual and religious importance, the Buddha images can also act as the object of decorations and gifts. These iconographic representations of the Buddha have been put on a great effect by many people as an exceptional decorative object in their homes and workplaces. There is a belief among people in many Buddhist countries that having a Buddhist image in one’s homes and workplace will bring success, prosperity and happiness in life as they radiate positivity in the surroundings. Similarly, you can buy Buddha images for your loved ones which can act as great objects of gifts for the loved ones. These images are believed to strengthen the relationships between two individuals, especially if the recipient is an avid follower of the Buddhism. So where can you buy Buddha images for you or your loved ones?

Buddha images in our gallery

It is understandable that these Buddha Images have been one of the hardest artifacts to be found easily. The authentic and genuine antique Buddha statues are found in few places and our physical Buddha gallery in the Netherlands is proud to have the biggest collection of antique Buddha images which are directly as well as legally imported after regular visits to Buddhist nations like Burma, Thailand and other Southeast Asian nations. These frequent visits have made it possible for us to develop wonderful relationships with numerous Buddhist art dealers, Buddhist temples, personal collectors and monasteries who are willing to be away from their Buddha images. This has also made it possible for us to have a large collection of various Buddha images from Burma and Thai Buddha Images. Therefore, there remains no questions regarding the authenticity of the antique images in our gallery. You can visit our online Buddha images gallery to choose and buy Buddha image of your choice for you or your loved ones.

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