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buddha pictures

The Buddha pictures are believed to be evolved from India. The sequence of art for sculpting Buddha has advanced in the human mind from the very beginning of Buddha lifetime himself. Earlier there were not solid representations of Buddha images. Artisan and devotees uses the symbols like Dharma wheel or wheel of life, lotus flower, Bodhi tree, Buddha’s footprints, begging bowl, empty throne and a lion for worshipping Lord Gautama Buddha. Later when Emperor Ashoka got influenced by the teachings of Buddha then he commenced carving from ornamental stones, which are specially adorned. Well that was in the earlier period at the very beginning after Buddha received enlightenment. But in today’s context, people are very much fond of keeping artifacts reflecting the vibes of Buddha. It might be due to fact that, people getting more conscious about humanity and truths of life rather than going to temple and worshipping the god. And the rays of reality can be obtained only when you follow the wisdom path of Gautama Buddha. This is the fact about Buddha which motivates artisans for painting and carving variety of antique Buddha statues and holy Buddha pictures.

The Buddha pictures are incredibly varying representations of unique spiritualism. Any symbol related to Buddha has revolutionized the human life in various aspects through his wisdom and principles. Whether it is inscriptions, sculptures or manuscripts they are always the great source of inspiration to live a positive life. The Buddha images are popular worldwide among the monks and religious people as they are the symbol for peace and serenity. One of the most popularly seen in Gumba’s of Nepal is the eyes of Buddha which embodied the omniscient mind of Buddha looking over all directions. So, where can you find such valuable pictures of Buddha, symbols and manuscripts? You might possibly have wandered all the antique shops in your area in search of a real and antique Buddha figures. Now, you need to stop look around the gallery of Antique Buddha statues where you surely will find the Buddha pictures, statues varying from Large Buddha statues to small Buddha statues, laughing Buddha statues for your study desk especially of your own choice.

Pictures of Buddha in our Gallery

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