Thai Buddha Images

thai buddha images

Thailand, formerly known as Siam, is one of the biggest Buddhist nations in the world. This Southeast Asian kingdom has been following Buddhism for over 2 millenniums as the Buddha's teachings are practiced in almost every aspect of life within this kingdom and has succeeded in uniting the kingdom's citizens into a peace-loving and harmonious community over the years. The Thai people have been very much connected with the Buddhist arts like Buddha images as they have been connected with Buddhism. This has been one of the reasons for the Buddha images from Thailand to be one of the most sought after Buddhist artifacts from around the world. The Thai Buddha Images, known for their sheer uniqueness and the serene look of the images have been popular everyone as they are crafted with many of Buddha's principle in them.

The Buddha images in Thailand were generally created and crated as a religious object of worship and then they later were seen as a medium to spread the Buddha's message to the people all over the world. Similarly, the Buddha images from Thailand are also taken as the symbol of inspiration to the meditation practitioners in Thailand and people all over the world. This is because the Buddha himself attained enlightenment by practicing meditation. Therefore, these images are also regarded as one of the most revered objects by the meditation enthusiast around the globe. The Thai Buddha images were crafted not only to represent the physical traits and characteristics of the Buddha, but also to depic his teachings. So this makes the Thai Buddhas equally important artifacts for all the Buddhists in the world.

History of Thai Buddha images

The history of the evolution of the Thai Buddha images has gone through many changes and eras in the Thai history. These images were crafted by using various raw materials like stone, wood, clay or metal casts. Though there are two branches of Buddhism practiced in Thailand whose division dates back to the Dvaravati age of the Thai history, the Buddha images from Thailand are seen greatly influenced by the Gupta/Indian styles of Buddha images. The Mahayana tradition of Buddhism are seen to have inspired the Buddha images from SriVijaya era in the Southern part of Thailand, which were created between the eighth and thirteenth centuries. In another part of the history in Thailand, the way of portraying Buddha into Buddha images changed greatly due to the influence of new Buddhist ideas from the Buddhism of Sri Lanka. This era, more known as the Sukothai period, had the Buddha images developed with the intention of representing the superhuman and supernatural abilities of the Buddha. They were also designed to portray compassion and serenity in the facial expressions of the images. The images from the Sukothai period introduced the four modern and prominent postures of the Buddha images from Thailand which are walking, standing, sitting and reclining. Overtime, in many different locations within the kingdom of Thailand, the form and styles of the Buddha images have gone through many subtle changes by developing a different characteristics that portray the indigenous and cultural values of the local area while the craftsmanship reflecting the influencing of other countries and period.

Thai Buddha images for sale

Thai Buddha images are rare and unique Buddhist artifacts which are very hard to find, especially the original ones. The physical Buddha gallery of Buddha Images in the Netherlands is home to the largest collection of authentiic, rare and special Thai Buddha images for sale. This large collection is the result of our frequent visits to the kingdom of Thailand in every few months in year where we go to research and search for special antique Buddha images to be kept in our collections. These visits have made it possible for us to develop special relationship with many Buddhist monasteries, personal collectors, Buddhist art dealers and Buddhist temples who are ready to part from their prized antique Buddha images. Similarly, with no policy and schemes of dealing with stolen statues, our valued customers can be rest assured about the authenticity of the Thai Buddha images for sale in our gallery. If you are interested to get a Thai Buddha statues for you or your loved ones, you can feel free to take a look at our online Buddha images gallery if you are interested to own rare, antique and authentic Buddha images from Thailand.

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