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Buddha Images are a symbol of supremacy. It portrays the inspirational principles ofBuddha in the form of Images, Pictures or Arts. Buddha Images remind us of the basic principles of Buddhism. Just as Buddhism is practiced in many different ways,Buddhist Image also serves as different meanings to different people. Buddha Images are a simple form which provide a fair amount of information, meaning and implications.

Generally, Buddha Images are found in four positions or postures:

  • Seated position
  • Standing position
  • Walking position
  • Reclining position.

Therefore, when it comes to describe the position of a Buddha Image, we may call it as a Seated Buddha Image, a Standing Buddha Image, a Walking Buddha Image or a Reclining Buddha ImageBuddha Images can also be described by the position/posture of Buddha’s hands. Some of his famous hand position describes:

  • Teaching
  • Meditation
  • Passage to Nirvana
  • Offering or Wish Grant etc.

Use of Buddha Images

The meanings of Buddha Images are different from different people (as mentioned above), but in accordance to traditional aspect, Buddha Images were made for religious purposes and to show the respect towards Buddhism. It may be quite confusing at times as the traditions seem to be different in different locality. But the fact we understand now is, it is a way to show respect and love towards Buddha & Buddhism. 

We can conclude, now, that a proper and respectful use of Buddha Images is one which shows recognition and respect towards the Buddhism Religion. The proper use may be further exaggerated as focus for meditation, focus for praying or focus for showing respect.

Placing a Buddha Image

It is not mandatory to place a Buddha Image in your praying room, or in a separate room. It can be placed anywhere you like but should be a place which reminds you constantly the Importance of Buddha & his teachings in all aspects of life.

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